Defender 26 (no fire) / Firehawk 26 (with fire)

Defender 26 (no fire) / Firehawk 26 (with fire)

Product Highlights and Innovations: Patented - Dual 8' collapsible dive platform doors. These doors are electrically controlled from the drivers helm with a manual override. The doors (foam filled) float on the waterline when completely lowered providing multiple patient access in a rescue situation. These doors also provide an unmatched flat waterline platform for dive, rescue and recovery missions.

Multi Function Combo Drive System (MCD) - This system is configured with twin 4-stroke Outboards and a single V8 Mercruiser Inboard / Jet drive. This sytem offers the best of both worlds. offers performance of Twin 4 stroke outboards and the shallow water capability and safety of using a jet drive during a rescue situation (no moving props!)

The Jet also serves a dual purpose by not only helping with propulsion, but also acting as a fire pump flowing approximately 1600 -2000 GPM (depends on engine HP) Water is diverted from the jet drive to 1 or 2 monitors. Boat can manuever with just the Twin Outboards with top speeds around 60 mph, or with just the single jet for slow maneuvering during a rescue and shallow draft situations.

2/3's of the hull is foam filled. Making the boat "unsinkable". The deck is also self bailing with the open transom design and with the side dive doors allowing water to escape from the deck.

Hull Length 26'
LOA with Outboard/s 27'
LOA with MCD 27'
LOA with Jet Drives or I/O 28'
Beam 8'6''
Overall Height on Trailer 11'9''
Transom Hieght 26''
Draft (at rest with jet drives) 19''
Draft (with Outboards or I/O 21''
Dry Weight (approx) 6,500 lbs.
Load Capacity (gross weight) 5,500 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 100-140 Gallons

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