Split Vee Bow Landing Craft 26 (with or without a fire pump system)

Split Vee Bow Landing Craft 26 (with or without a fire pump system)

Product Highlights and Innovations: The 7' wide fully automated bow ramp is controlled from the drivers helm with push of a button.

The bow ramp provides a flat waterline platform for dive and rescue and recovery missions as well as loading access from land.

Bow ramp, when closed provides characteristics of a traditional deep vee bow, which cuts through rough seas for a smooth ride. Traditional "flat nose" landing craft can not offer this smooth ride in rough seas. PATENT PENDING

The Fire model also provides a 1000 GPM jet fire pump and hard plumbed stack pipe and fire monitor for fire suppression The below deck jet fire pump is directly plumbed through the keel. The pump is always primed and can supply water with a turn of a key.

2/3's of the hull is foam filled. Making the boat "unsinkable". The deck is also self bailing with the open transom design and with the side dive doors allowing water to escape from the deck.

Constructed of Military Grade 5086-H116 Grade Aluminum.

Available with twin jet drives or twin outboards.

Hull Length 26'
LOA with Outboard 26'
LOA with Jet or I/O 28'
Beam 8'6''
Hull Deadrise 14°
Overall Height on Trailer 11'6''
Draft (at rest with jet drives) 18''
Draft (with Stern Drive or Outboard/s) 21''
Dry Weight (approx) 4,500 lbs.
Load Capacity (gross weight) 3,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 120 Gallons

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